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2021/11/03  Junyao Technology Automated Warehouse participates in the ``Taiwan-Japan Smart Manufacturing Supply Chain Online Matchmaking Meeting'' and hopes to create a mutually beneficial and cooperative exchange relationship!

Enterprises have always been a strong driving force for Taiwan’s advancement. Therefore, the "Automation and Robotics Association" organizes the "Taiwan-Japan Smart Manufacturing Supply Chain Online Matchmaking Conference" in order to assist high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises with core energy to develop their strengths and create value. ...

2021/10/06 【Supply General Warehouse Smart Warehousing】Accurate and fast  Automatic management keeps pace with the times

"Intelligent warehousing can reduce storage space and increase dispatch efficiency. In addition, in the access of traditional material racks, personnel must climb up and down, or use stackers to work, and there may be accidents such as falling, falling objects and hurting people. "...

2021/09/06 Online presentation of SME automation solutions X Foreign Trade Association-Introduction to the promotion of vertical automatic storage in Japan

In the industry 4.0 wave, intelligence and automation are inevitable trends! Today, the SMEs are in the process of automation transformation. Junyao Technology participates in the "Small and Medium Enterprise Automation Solutions Online Presentation" of the Foreign Trade Association...

2020/12/28 Automatic warehousing in the general supply warehouse The navy's replenishment efficiency increases

Naval logistics support has evolved again! Following the introduction of smart warehousing into clothing accessories management last year, the navy replenishment general depot also integrated the logistics information system this year, in its own Pinghai...

2020/11/20  people + automation = intelligence (more adaptive production)

During the epidemic, American retail giant Walmart's revenues and profits exceeded expectations, and its e-commerce business doubled, but it also found another gain: if it is properly scheduled, the capabilities of human employees will not lose to robots. ....
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