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【Supply General Depot Smart Warehousing】Accurate and fast  Automatic management keeps pace with the times   2021/10/06
Reporter Sun Jianping / Interview
"Smart warehousing can reduce storage space and increase allocation efficiency. In addition, in the access of traditional racks, personnel must climb up and down, or use stackers to work, and there may be accidents such as falling, falling objects and hurting people. "Navy Replenishment Headquarters Pinghai Sub-tank Chief Chief Fang said that automatic storage has anti-collision, anti-error, anti-vibration functions, which can reduce the risk of personnel safety factors, allocate and retrieve materials, and increase the use of space. Implement the logistics policy of "lean, proactive, service, and timeliness".
Integrated Navy Logistics Information System
The head of the branch warehouse Fang pointed out that the common military logistics warehouse of the Pinghai branch is updated compared to the clothing accessories warehouse of the Zuoying branch last year. The manufacturer cooperates with customization, and combines the navy logistics information system with the intelligent warehouse system management. The contractor can The quantity and status of waiting materials can be seen from the handheld PDA, and then converted between the two systems. Through the warehouse management program, the dispatching operation is completed immediately.
Sergeant Dai Yujia, who has served in the Pinghai warehouse for nearly 4 years, said that when it was first distributed to the unit, the warehouse management was still a traditional material rack. Shuttle requires a lot of time to be compared with the correct names of materials and parts. Now the introduction of automated warehousing is a major advancement in keeping with the times.
Sergeant Dai Yujia, who is the seed instructor, said that the Chinese interface of the smart storage system is easy to understand and learn. After practical exercises, the officers and soldiers can get started more quickly. Under the premise of support, it will effectively improve the efficiency of logistics reinsurance.
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