Engineering performance
◆Domestic sewage control system (related public institutions/school sewage treatment
◆Industrial Wastewater Control System (Fengyi Textile Factory Wastewater Division)
◆Packaging machine control system (packaging companies related to the cake industry)
◆Rubber/plastic related manufacturing equipment control system (Yisheng Industry/Fengtai Tire)
◆PC-BASE woodworking machine control system
◆PC temperature communication module control system
◆PP man-machine tension winding control system
◆Iron Material-Circular Saw Machine Control System
◆Semiconductor equipment control system (automatic logic IC sorting machine)
◆CANDO-3.5 generation TFT-LCD conveying equipment control project
◆Bearing vibration monitoring module control system
◆Semiconductor equipment control system (glass feeder)
◆Special for lens-glass forming electrical control engineering
◆Electronic control engineering of logistics warehousing and handling management equipment
◆Glass laser repair (laser repair) electrical control engineering
◆Glass cutting electromechanical engineering
◆CASSETTE Temporary Storage Station Electric Control Project
◆ TFT-LCD cleaning machine equipment electric control project
◆Longkeyouda-Optical Interference Macro View Inspection Machine Control System
◆Precision outer diameter grinding machine control system
◆Longtan-CBD equipment dismantling and moving machine project
◆Glass fiber forming machine-equipment electric control engineering, software program
◆Nanke Chimei-G4 OVEN Equipment Electric Control Project
◆Nanke Chimei-G8.5 OVEN Equipment Electric Control Project
◆Shenghua Technology-G4 OVEN Equipment Electric Control Project
◆Tongbao Optoelectronics-IR OVEN Equipment Electric Control Project
◆Shenghua-LD, ULD, BF, CV, orientation machine, screen printing machine, pre-coating machine, fur wheel aging machine, IR, UV, CP
  Splitter, glass cutting machine, glass splitting machine... etc. software engineering
◆Lens cutting electrical control engineering
◆Electrical Control Engineering of Lens Arrangement
◆GIGABYTE Taoyuan-Added AGV logistics equipment project to the original equipment
◆China Terminal Keelung-New AGV logistics equipment project for existing equipment
◆Yao Ling Taichung-Sputtering machine dismantling and moving machine project
◆Nanke Innolux-STK Equipment Engineering
◆TSMC Nanke-Foup inspection machine equipment engineering
◆ ASE Kaohsiung-AGV DEMO
◆WiseChip-Evaporation Machine Software/Electrical Engineering
◆Lianying Optoelectronics-Etching Machine Equipment Reconstruction Project
◆Optics Technology-OTFC Series Equipment Engineering
◆Light Chi Technology-Gener Series Equipment Engineering
◆Optics Technology-MCFT Series Equipment Engineering
◆Optics Technology-RPD Series Equipment Engineering
◆Optical Technology-F Gongfan Series Equipment Engineering
◆AUO Hsinchu-CBD dismantling and moving machine project
◆AUO L8A-Cassette Port Software/Electrical Engineering
◆AUO L8A-Denko->Oven software
◆AUO L8B-BM, SOR, RC, UPK Line: Loade, Unloade, CONVEY software engineering
◆Taiwan Superlink-Software Engineering of Stress Relief Machine
◆Xinneng-MPLC Software Engineering
◆Semiconductor quartz cutting machine software engineering
◆Longtan-ALD equipment dismantling machine equipment engineering
◆Longtan-ALD equipment double-line equipment project
◆R&D and production of self-owned products with smart warehousing
◆Mainland Huike-Whole Plant Conveyor Belt Software Development Project
◆Jingke ASE-STK Equipment Engineering
◆Mainland BOE-G8.5 Aging Oven&Seal Equipment Project
◆Mainland Huike-G8.5+SMO OVEN Equipment Project
◆Mainland Rainbow-CHOT NP2 Optical Alignment Furnace G8.6
◆Mainland Lansi-Post Bake Equipment Project
◆Mainland China Star-TRCV Transmission Equipment Electric Control Project
◆Mainland China Star-G8.5 OVEN Equipment Electric Control Project
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