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Automated warehousing in the general supply warehouse Navy's replenishment efficiency is UP  2020/12/28
Reporter Sun Jianping / Kaohsiung Report
 Navy logistics support has evolved again! Following the introduction of smart warehousing in clothing accessories management last year, the Navy’s general supply depot will also integrate the logistics information system this year, deploying the Warehouse Management System (WMS) smart warehousing system in the common military logistics warehouses of its Pinghai sub-depot to optimize various types of ships’ zero Attachment management improves the efficiency of allocation and replenishment. With new logistics technology, the logistics support energy is greatly increased.
The Naval Supply General Depot has three sub-depositories, namely "Zuoying", "Pinghai" and "Pingshan", which are responsible for the reception, allocation, storage management and waste disposal of all naval equipment parts and accessories, as well as Zuogao area Receiving, distributing, and arranging the management products of naval units such as grain and bedding and clothing.
The Pinghai sub-depot commonly used military logistics warehouses, according to the short-term planning of "Repair of Supply General Depots, Mid-range and Long-distance Planning", the warehouse renovation project was completed on October 30, 1987, and the main storage is allocated 2 per year. Commonly used military products are stored and used for more than one time, "such as damage control aviation security equipment, auxiliary landing equipment, screw hardware, etc., to support the needs of various types of naval ships or branches of the navy for ship repair materials." Major Fang Fang said , Including some common items, such as fire suits, fire helmets, are all applied for in the Pinghai sub-library.
Graphical interface is easy to understand and learn
Recently, the Pinghai sub-library has built a total of 6 intelligent storage systems, which are developed by domestic manufacturers and managed in full Chinese graphics. It has safety protection, overweight detection, automatic detection and debugging functions, and has a memory mode. The storage space can be optimized to avoid the shortcomings of materials placed in the material racks that are not easy to access and store, and the safety risks that may arise from personnel operations.
The pallet is used as the storage unit inside the smart warehousing, and the materials are stored and stored through the lifting and horizontal movements of the central axis, and are equipped with adjustable grids, which can be adjusted according to the size of the materials. Fang sub-library chief expressed that under weight permitting, the items and quantity of materials stored will be greatly increased.
 At the same time, the built-in computer system has functions such as data collection, real-time information, historical tracking, authority management, and automatic tally. The outgoing warning light of the operating device enhances the safety of personnel; the suitable air hole can provide a more comfortable working environment when the temperature of the warehouse is high; the infrared material position indicator facilitates the execution of the allocation operation, and the infrared indicates the location of the material to be allocated. Avoid mis-dial situations; the anti-static bracelet can also avoid safety hazards to operators and warehouses when the weather is dry in winter.
Transformed into management based on things
The Naval Replenishment General Depot is currently applying various fine parts and accessories of the intelligent storage system to carry out storage and storage operations. The Chief Treasurer, Colonel Jia, said that the construction of the "new generation ship project warehouse" is continuing to be constructed, and it will also be equipped. The latest "box-type" and "pallet-type" "intelligent storage" system equipment, the future storage and transportation mode of navy parts and accessories will gradually change from "people for people" management to "people for people" convenience and convenience High efficiency, with new logistics technology to greatly enhance the logistics support energy, strengthen the navy's combat capabilities, the whole project is expected to be completed by the end of 110, and set an important milestone for the construction of the navy's logistics.
Article adapted from: Youth Daily
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