The creation of Junyao Technology Co., Ltd. began with the formation of a top-notch technical team by a group of partners with ideals and enthusiasm for the automation equipment industry. The Junyao team upholds the attitude of modest and animal husbandry, pursues excellence in professionalism and quality, upholds the spirit of never giving up when encountering difficulties, and constantly demands and learns along the way, and insists on bringing the best automation to partners solution. To this day, technical capabilities and service quality have finally been unanimously affirmed by the industry.
Adhering to the goal of "based on Taiwan and looking forward to the world", Junyao Technology has worked tirelessly in line with the original intention to continue to advance towards the team’s ideals. We also look forward to the growth and advancement of Junyao automation equipment with more like-minded industry leaders. Work together to create a win-win future and create an economic miracle belonging to our generation.
Junyao Technology’s corporate logo fully expresses the company’s self-expectations and ideas in the automation industry.
The corporate logo is composed of a shield, wings and STE, which respectively represent:
  • Shield: Provide first-class professional services and hope to be a strong technical backing for partners.
  • Wings: Taken from the eagle, it represents the attempt to fly high and the determination to pursue the top.
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