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Junyao Automatic Warehousing provides vertical automatic warehousing, rotary smart warehousing equipment, industry 4.0 products, automatic warehouse planning for whole plant logistics and other automation equipment solutions, bringing the most first-class automation equipment solutions to partners. Technical capabilities and service quality have been unanimously affirmed by the industry. In order to obtain the trust and satisfaction of customers, we have obtained ISO9001:2015 quality system certification, from consulting to after-sales service, you can trust.
We have the strongest professional engineering R&D and service team, and have accumulated countless engineering practices and customer service experience. Possess product design and review capabilities, can collaborate with customers for process design and development, and launch individual solutions for different industrial applications. Over the years, various core technologies have been gradually constructed and widely applied to "displays", "semiconductors", and "electronic components" ", "Biotechnology", "Circuit board manufacturing", "Intelligent automation"... and other major industries.

Vertical smart storage

The smart storage equipment uses the pallet as the storage unit, and takes out and sends the pallet storing the goods into a suitable storage location through the lifting and horizontal movement of the central axis. This smart storage cabinet has a wide range of applications and can store all kinds of items, such as tools, knives, parts, spare parts and consumables, medicines, molds, and important documents.

Rotary smart storage

Rotary smart storage can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise like a Ferris wheel to access materials, process data collection, real-time information, historical tracking, and authority management. It is widely used and can be placed in material and line side warehouses, such as tools, finished products, Semi-finished products, documents... etc.

Industry 4.0

Provide Industry 4.0 consultants, plan storage equipment system integration, and provide software and hardware module products.
Automatic guided vehicle system AGVS and AGV
Whole plant logistics warehousing planning
Industry 4.0 introduction planning consultation

Mechanical equipment development and foundry

Mechanical equipment distribution, power distribution mechanical structure assembly equipment disassembly, re-equipment function modification (mechanism, software), mechanical design service PLC programming, HMI industrial graphic control design, PC Based industrial control design

Customer service and automatic warehousing development process

Needs survey

  • Site survey
  • Space status
  • Existing system
  • Actual storage specifications
  • special requirements

Specification development

  • Equipment specification confirmation
  • Equipment delivery confirmation
  • Confirmation of equipment approach
  • Equipment education and training confirmation
  • Confirmation of equipment usage specifications
  • Device built-in system confirmation

Project proposal

  • Proposal description by way of briefing
  • Exclusive planning for customer needs
  • Ask other questions on the spot to discuss

Quote transaction

  • Offer
  • Discussion content
  • Condition confirmation
  • sign contract

design production

  • Professional cooperation cooperation factory partner processing
  • Commercially-purchased motor parts and components of major brands
  • Strictly comply with ISO9001 quality inspection
  • Complete software running test
  • Exclusive educational materials collation
  • Preparation of the whole machine
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