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Intelligent management basketball cabinet

Intelligent management basketball cabinet

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This is a recent cooperation project between "Jun Yao Technology" and "Changhua Yang Yukuan Physical Education Teacher". Combining the teacher's innovation and Jun Yao's years of professional technology, the two parties have jointly developed a new smart product! Compete with people on the basketball court, even if you don’t have a ball, you can easily rent basketballs by using smart (youyou) payment, which greatly reduces the inconvenience of users. In addition, the intelligent management basketball cabinet not only has the service of renting basketballs, but also has additional facilities in the cabinet. "USB charging" and "purge" two major functions. In the future, the basketball cabinet will be able to see us at school and everywhere in the day and night, 24 hours a day.
The "Smart Basketball Management Cabinet" will always prepare a ball for you 
▲Schools have libraries to cultivate reading habits, and smart basketball rental services are also needed to promote exercise habits!
Basketball is the ball with the highest popularity rate, and it is also one of the favorite sports of students after class.
▲The smart basketball cabinet uses I technology to solve management and user inconvenience! ​​​​
It is not easy to manage the rental of schools and gymnasiums, and often requires the management of surplus human resources.   
The idea of the basketball cabinet started in Changhua "Ms. Yang Yukuan", who worked as a physical education teacher in the school.
And I love this basketball very much, and I hope the students will develop the habit of sports!
However, the current school rental management is not easy, the teachers perform their own duties, and there is no extra manpower to manage.
Therefore, Mr. Yang invented the "intelligent management basketball cabinet" to use I technology to facilitate students, even after class sports students can rent basketballs by themselves.
Therefore, look for Junyao Technology to provide years of professional automation technology, and the teacher's own innovation, a smart new product developed by the two parties together!
Intelligent management basketball cabinet features
Patented basketball rental machine
Convenience of 24-hour ball supply
The school does not need permanent staff to manage the rental
01 Rental basketball
Through the smart basketball cabinet, you can easily borrow and return the ball.
02 Member Service
Click to enter the membership service, you can do deductions and cheer actions.
03 Registered member
You can complete the registration by using a valid mobile phone number and receiving the verification SMS, and binding it with the Youyou card. Fill in your personal information.
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