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Rotary smart storage equipment-automatic storage

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We have been promoting automation equipment in Taiwan for 16 years. In the early stage, the company participated in the automation equipment made in semiconductor factories and panel factories. In response to the global response to Industry 4.0, Junyao Technology is also promoting smart warehousing in Taiwan. In the process of upgrading warehousing automation, smart warehousing plays a very important role. It is the first step towards Industry 4.0. When you have the automation equipment of smart warehousing, you can slowly expand and reach Industry 4.0 step by step. Observing the market situation of automatic storage in Taiwan, most of them stayed at using pallets as storage units and cooperating with forklifts for storage and retrieval. However, Junyao Technology’s smart warehousing is more able to collect a large amount of data comprehensively, and then these big data can be provided to enterprises for analysis, which can be smoothly imported into Industry 4.0; the difference between automatic warehousing and smart warehousing lies in the comprehensive data collection Sex and breadth. Taiwan’s existing automatic warehouse manufacturers are mostly large-scale enterprises or large quantities of goods imported and exported. If you have a large space and a high budget, you can do this. Most small and medium-sized enterprises in Taiwan also want them. Automating our own warehouse, but due to lack of space and high budget, it is a pity to dispel this idea, so we want to promote this kind of automation equipment in Taiwan to help more companies that want to automate enter it together. Industry 4.0
Product Introduction
What is rotary smart/automatic storage?
Like a Ferris wheel, it can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise to deposit and withdraw materials
Data collection, real-time information, historical tracking, authority management
Widely used, it can be used as materials and line side bins to place, such as tools, finished products, semi-finished products, documents... etc.
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