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SME Automation Solutions Online Presentation X Foreign Trade Association-Introduction to Promotion of Vertical Automatic Storage in Japan   2021/09/06
In the wave of Industry 4.0, intelligence and automation are inevitable trends! Today, SMEs are in the midst of automation transformation.
Junyao Technology participated in the "Small and Medium Enterprise Automation Solutions Online Conference" organized by the Foreign Trade Association
Vertical storage is divided into two parts:  A, mechanical structure + motion program B, and material management system. Why is it divided like this?
Because system vendors or mechanical equipment vendors usually only purchase product A, management system customers will deal with it themselves. And direct user customers will buy A+B products.
A product: mechanical structure + motion program
▲Mechanical structure: Five parts of the entrance and exit of the tray (that is, the carrier) of the front storage and rear storage lifting and reclaiming mechanism.
When designing the agency, we designed 6 standard modules with the concept of building blocks. Use 6 modules to combine all customer needs.
▲Standard modules: 6 modules including 3M complete machine/ 4M complete machine/ 3M base/ 4M base/ 2M middle section/ 2M upper section.
※For example, if the customer needs 7M high storage, we will use 3M base + 2M middle section + 2M upper section to meet customer needs.
The motion program of product A is mainly completed by [PLC program and HMI program]
Main functions: mechanical movement / safety protection / tray height measurement / storage location allocation / manual function / system communication
System communication is used for customers to control mechanical work through our company's communication specifications.
Next, I will introduce to you the differences between us and general automatic storage!
The first feature of enlightened: "Automatically allocate storage space".
We use the height measuring shutter to know the height of each pallet, and the PLC program will automatically assign the appropriate height to the pallet in progress.
The second feature of enlightened: "disassembly and assembly, convenient to move".
Because we are assembling in building blocks, if you want to migrate in the future, you can directly move up and down the modules.
The third feature of enlightened: "variability".
In the future, depending on the situation, storage modules can be added to increase storage capacity.
The fourth feature of enlightened: "High application flexibility".
According to customer needs, it can be used in raw material warehouses, semi-finished products warehouses, finished products warehouses, production line warehouses, tool/tool ​​management warehouses, mold management warehouses, floor warehouses, and floor warehouses. Transport and temporary storage.
Product B: Standard Material Management System
▲Management system: authority management/in/out/data inquiry/other functions.
Authorization management can assign function authorization according to job title. You can also use pallets to manage permissions. For example, the production department can only use the 1-5 trays, the warehouse department can only use the 6-10 trays, and the general manager can use the 1-12 trays.
▲ Ways of out/in storage: manual input/bar code input/Excel import   three methods.
▲Data query: 5 parts in storage/outgoing/inventory/use record/historical alarm.
In addition to the above three main functions, there are functions such as [inventory management/safety stock/first-in first-out/position indication/material inventory].
We also provide the following optional accessories:
Infrared position of entrance and exit indicating extension of LED display screen (this is usually used when heavy goods!)
This smart storage/automatic storage has a wide range of applications and can store all kinds of items, such as tools, knives, spare parts, spare parts and consumables, medicines, molds, and important documents.
Applicable to all walks of life: such as machinery, electronics, automobiles, logistics, food, publishing, medical, petrochemicals, instrumentation, rubber, hand tools, apparel, screw products, aviation, plastics, home accessories, mechanical processing, biotechnology , Bicycles... and other industries.
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