Vertical smart storage

Vertical smart storage equipment-automatic storage

Smart storage equipment takes "pallets" as the storage unit, and takes out and transports the pallets that store goods into suitable storage locations through the lifting and horizontal movements of the central axis. This smart storage cabinet has a wide range of applications and can store all kinds of items, such as tools, knives, parts, spare parts and consumables, medicines, molds, and important documents.
Applicable to all walks of life, such as machinery, electronics, automobiles, logistics, food, publishing, medical, petrochemical, instrumentation, aviation... and other industries.
Product Introduction

What is vertical automatic storage equipment?

The vertical smart storage system uses the tray as a storage unit, and the operation port is equipped with an automatic height measurement function, and the storage location is properly arranged to maximize the utilization of the internal space.
In addition, it can effectively save the warehouse space and maximize the benefits, making the warehouse management and efficiency more efficient.
Compared with traditional shelves, smart storage can use the existing height space when the floor area is the smallest, saving about 50% to 60% of the space.
The use of computer automated operation mode makes it convenient and quick to store and store items, achieving "goods to people", and alleviating the trouble of warehousing staff who spend time searching for goods.
In addition, a variety of protective detection sensors are installed to prevent damage to goods and equipment, and safety gates and shutters are also installed at the operation port to ensure the safety of operators.
The smart warehouse can store diverse items and can be widely used in industries such as displays, semiconductors, electronic parts, circuit board manufacturing, intelligent automated machinery, automobiles, logistics, food, publishing, biotechnology, and medical care.

Traditional storage equipment vs. smart storage equipment
Traditional storage
Open shelf storage, requiring manual or stacker storage and retrieval of materials
 The space cannot be fully utilized, the floor space is large, and the cost is wasted
Time-consuming access process
Shelves have high and low levels, which consumes labor to store and store, and a stacker is required
Goods are easy to accumulate dust, moisture, and sunlight
Difficult to manage access to materials by irrelevant personnel
Cannot manage inventory data instantly
Difficult to implement materials first-in-first-out, tedious and time-consuming inventory
Smart storage equipment concept
New concept of "goods to people" access
 Make full use of the height of the space and save the cost of the site
Automatic access, save search time
Reduce labor and improve efficiency
Confined space to avoid dust exposure and protect the quality of materials
Flexible setting of access permissions
Can be linked with ERP/MES, real-time and accurate
With first-in first-out function to avoid long-term storage of materials
Features of vertical storage equipment
 Goods to people
 QR code in and out of the warehouse
Automatic measurement of goods height
 Automatically measure the height of goods
 Automatically allocate cargo space to achieve high-density storage
 Material position indication function to avoid material reduction errors
  Automatic power off under abnormal conditions
Automatic detection of running status
  Operation port with grating protection
 Important tools and fixture management
 The hardware design accords with ergonomics, with detection and protection device
Laser positioning, accurate and reliable
Double chain coupling, steel core timing belt
Motors and safety components, the whole series use well-known German and Japanese brands
Solve the problem of accounting inconsistencies
Real-time control of inventory status
Access efficiency increased by 4-6 times
Can save more than 50% of space
Import/export batches of data through Excel, saving time and less errors
 Can be used as material warehouse and line side warehouse
Can be combined with the original existing management system (ERP/MES)
Suitable for site transfer
Suitable for various space configurations
Effective use of the original site height
Can be traced back to history
Flexible setting permissions

Product Size


Product specifications

Environmental requirements
1.Ground level requirement : ±3mm

2.Working temperature range : -10oC~50oC

3.Allowable humidity range : <80%, no condensation.

4.Weight-bearing limit of the ground (as shown in the table above).

Product equipment

Single machine standard equipment
✔ Security door
✔ Safety shutter
✔ Altimeter shutter
✔ Overweight detection
✔ Single operation port
✔ Pallets (the number depends on the height of the device)
✔ Laser registration check
✔ WMS (warehouse management system) + man-machine control + two-dimensional barcode management system
Single machine option
✔ Operation station

System structure

Stand-alone standard software function
EXCLE import and export
          Shorten the construction time and go online quickly
authority management
         With safety management options, limit the trays and functions that the operator can use
History tracking
         All materials can be traced back, and the trend is clear
Inventory management
         Precisely control incoming and outgoing materials, and the inventory quantity is clear
Safety stock
         Set a minimum inventory number to avoid material shortages and slow work
First in first out
         Avoid expiration of materials and storage for too long
 Automatic tally
         Automatically sort storage trays according to material height to optimize space
Graphic management
         The computer dynamically displays the storage location, and the tray status is clear
Position indicator
         Indicate the location of the material to be collected, and there is no error in reclaiming the material
Optional software function
External management system
         Office storage connection
 Multi-machine connection system
         Multiple smart storage connections
Single machine multi-station management system
         Multiple discharge port management
Database Management System
          For ERP/MES connection
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