Automatic storage troubleshooting and maintenance Q&A  2021/10/05
 【Smart warehousing troubleshooting and maintenance Q&A】
How long is the storage warranty?
1 year warranty after acceptance.
Are there special products in the equipment (parts only available from the original manufacturer)?
To prevent customers from worrying about the efficiency of the equipment being kidnapped by the original factory in the future, and the efficiency of maintenance, our equipment parts are uniformly used by well-known brands on the market, and all specifications and models can be bought in other channels!
How long does the warehouse need regular maintenance?
During the warranty period, it will be maintained once every 4 months, and an annual maintenance contract can be signed after the warranty period.
During machine operation, how long will it take to eliminate abnormalities found?
Our company has a professional sales service team. When a fault occurs, the sales service staff will first use the real-time monitoring system to judge the problem. If it can be solved immediately, it will be eliminated at the remote end first! Reduce customer production line shutdown time.
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