Automatic storage VS traditional shelf advantage analysis  October 06, 2021
[Analysis of Advantages of Smart Storage VS Traditional Shelves]
Smart/automatic storage adopts automatic storage and retrieval of materials, which can improve the accuracy of incoming and outgoing products, save searching time, increase efficiency, and have "laser positioning" and "location indication" functions to avoid incorrect picking and production delays.
🚩And the database in the intelligent system can be linked to the company's ERP system to easily achieve the simplification of the process, the maximum efficiency and the best timeliness of data transmission.
🚩The distribution of responsibility and power of material management [provides four operating rights] manages the access freedom of operators through the classification of rights, and achieves 100% material management security.
🚩The complete and efficient storage system is a cabinet-shaped closed space that can store materials and inventory control. It has a "first in, first out" function to avoid long-term storage of materials.
🚩Using automatic warehousing for annual inventory, you no longer need to waste time and labor costs to inventory goods, the remaining space of the warehouse can also be better utilized, and the space utilization rate of the warehouse can be increased by 50-60%.
In the era of rising personnel costs and storage costs, it has become a problem that enterprises need to face squarely in the future!
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