Make good use of vertical automatic warehousing to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises   2021/10/13
Automatic warehousing (smart warehousing) is a standardized size with multiple specifications in the unit of "pallet", according to customer needs and specifications,
The design is spliced into a customized and flexible warehouse like building blocks. The following features tell you what it can do for you?
☞ Features:
✔ Improve plant utilization rate-the plant's more than 2 meters of space can be fully utilized, freeing up more plane space for production or other uses.
✔ Improve management, reduce errors, and timely data.
✔ Improve the efficiency of material access and inventory.
✔ Reduce the training time of warehouse personnel.
✔ High flexibility in usage: it can be used as material warehouse, finished product warehouse, line side warehouse, mold warehouse, tool warehouse, tool warehouse, and comprehensive warehouse.
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