◆Bicycle parts dealer [R&D warehouse]

Bicycle parts dealer, [R&D warehouse]
Status before import:
1. The original storage method uses lockable storage cabinets, which makes material control difficult.
2. There are many types of development materials, and it is not easy to find materials.
3. The material is small and cannot be controlled reliably, and the object cannot be distinguished by the use authority.
4. Unable to grasp the actual quantity, and the accounts do not match.
5. The height of the locker is limited, and the space above cannot be used, resulting in an excessively low utilization rate of the plant space.
6. Barcodes are not created for materials, and management cannot be informationized. 
Status after import:
1. Evaluate the use of a medium-sized 5m smart/automatic storage, which can put objects in the smart storage for management, and computerized material access information.
2. The management of materials is simpler, and the materials can be managed separately through the warehouse management system.
3. Built-in 4 types of authority management, all operations must be entered in personnel account secrets before access to materials.
4. The material information is updated in real time, reducing the situation of inconsistencies in the accounting materials.
5. After importing into the storage, let the height of the original storage cabinet extend to the ceiling to maximize the space utilization.
6. After the barcode is applied to the material management, the unique code is used to facilitate the tracking and management of the materials, which helps to prevent the loss and confusion caused by the disorder of the materials.
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