◆Southern Client【Re-planning of Warehouse】

Southern customer, [Warehouse re-planning]
 Status before import:
1. The storage method uses traditional heavy-duty shelves, and the material access information requires manpower and written records.
2. There are many specifications and styles of materials, and it is not easy to visually judge the appearance.
3. The traditional shelf is an open space, and small materials cannot be reliably controlled.
4. Unable to grasp the actual quantity, and the accounts do not match.
5. The traditional shelf occupies a large area and the storage height is fixed, resulting in a low utilization rate of the plant space.
6. Self-propelled elevators are required to take higher materials, which not only consumes time but also increases the risk factors for personnel operations.
 Status after import:
1. Use large-scale smart/automatic storage with 6 meters and 6 units, access small objects to the storage, computerize information and synchronize material access.
2. Use infrared indicator light and LED display light bar to indicate the correct position of the material without human judgment.
3. Personnel account passwords must be entered for operation, and authority management can be performed, and the status of materials can also be tracked in real time.
4. The warehouse material information is updated in real time to reduce the inconsistency of the accounting materials.
5. After importing, store the materials upwards, with the height measuring shutter, make full use of the vertical upward space of the factory, and greatly reduce the floor space.
6. To reduce risks, personnel only need to perform material storage and retrieval operations at the lower discharge port. At the same time, 6 warehouses can be operated, and multiple material tasks can be performed at a time.
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