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Auto parts manufacturer, [process mold warehouse]
 Status before import:
1. Traditional shelf management is not easy.
2. Manual picking and feeding is time-consuming and labor-intensive.
3. The traditional shelf occupies a large area, and the height is fixed, resulting in a low utilization rate of the plant.
4. The traditional shelf is an open space, and the materials cannot be controlled.
5. Unable to grasp the actual quantity, and the accounts do not match.
6. It is not easy to judge the similarity of materials, and the wrong materials can cause serious losses due to processing errors.
7. The personnel manage the mold information by themselves.
 Status after import:
1. Use smart storage management.
2. Automatic storage and retrieval are fast.
3. Smart/automatic warehousing has the use of height measuring shutters, and the materials can be stored upwards, which greatly reduces the area occupied and manages them properly, effectively managing materials.
4. Closed warehousing plus authority management equals 100% controlled materials and beautiful appearance.
5. The warehouse material information is updated in real time to reduce the inconsistency of the accounting materials.
6. Hierarchical management does not require human judgment of materials, the error rate of picking is zero, and the position indicator function is used to accelerate the picking speed.
7. Through the computer system connection, direct information management of the mold.
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