◆Zhongbu Water Hardware Factory【Process Line Side Warehouse】

Water hardware factory, [process line side warehouse]
 Status before import:
1. The original storage method uses the traditional tool holder.
2. There are many types of tool specifications, and it is not easy to judge the appearance.
3. The traditional tool holder is an open space, and the tools cannot be controlled.
4. Unable to grasp the actual quantity, and the accounts do not match.
5. The traditional shelf occupies a large area, which leads to the low utilization rate of the plant.
 Status after import:
1. Evaluate the use of medium-sized 6-meter automatic storage, which can centrally manage tools, and the remaining space can store semi-finished products for management.
2. Use smart/automatic storage location indication function, without human judgment.
3. Personnel account passwords must be entered for access, and the tool status can be tracked in real time.
4. The warehouse material information is updated in real time to reduce the inconsistency of the accounting materials.
5. After importing, store the materials upwards, make full use of the height of the factory, and greatly reduce the floor space.
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