◆Precision Transmission Component Factory【Process Line Side Warehouse】

A well-known manufacturer of precision transmission components, [process line side warehouse]
 Status before import:
1. Improve the existing manufacturing process and introduce an automated production line.
2. Manual picking and feeding are time-consuming and labor-intensive.
3. The existing manufacturing process requires manpower management, and the production capacity is limited.
4. The existing storage method occupies a large area, resulting in a low utilization rate of the plant.
5. Unable to grasp the actual quantity, and the accounts do not match.
6. It is not easy to judge the similarity of materials, and the wrong materials can cause serious losses due to processing errors.
7. The storage location is humid and the material will rust.
 Status after import:
1. Introduce a 4m medium-sized double discharge port (one automatic, manual) smart/automatic storage, and add the customer's automatic transfer of materials.
2. Automatic storage and retrieval of storage is fast and correct, reducing manpower.
3. Increase production capacity and efficiently manage production lines.
4. After importing, the materials are stored upward to greatly reduce the area occupied.
5. The warehouse material information is updated in real time to reduce the inconsistency of the accounting materials.
6. Hierarchical management does not require human judgment of materials, the error rate of picking materials is zero, automatic transfer is used, and the production line is connected in series.
7. The storage is closed, and a dehumidifier is added inside to prevent rust.
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