◆United States Testing and Certification Unit in Taiwan [Comprehensive Warehouse]

American testing and certification unit in Taiwan → release testing equipment and materials [comprehensive warehouse]
 Status before import:
1. The original storage method uses traditional shelves.
2. The open space leads to material deterioration.
3. Man-made access habits, unable to implement the first-in first-out management system.
4. The U.S. head office requires actual material information.
 Status after import:
1. One medium-sized 5m smart/automatic storage for evaluation, which can centrally manage testing instruments and materials.
2. The confined space prevents the material from being damp and sunlight to reduce the deterioration factors, and at the same time cooperates with the preservation of the temperature and humidity control environment.
3. Use the first-in-first-out function of smart warehousing to reduce material scrap due to expiration.
4. "Real-time update of warehouse material information" to reduce accounting discrepancies
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