◆Demonstration line of tool machine tools from Dachang [Line side warehouse]

A machine tool manufacturer puts the tool [line side warehouse]
Status before import:
1. The original storage method uses the traditional tool holder.
2. There are many tool specifications and styles, and it is not easy to visually judge the appearance.
3. The traditional tool holder is an open space, and the tools cannot be controlled.
4. The traditional tool holder occupies a large area, which leads to the low utilization rate of the workshop.
Status after import:
1. The evaluation uses a large 4-meter smart/automatic storage, which can centrally manage the tools.
2. Use the intelligent storage location indication function, without human judgment.
3. Personnel account passwords must be entered for access, and the tool status can be tracked in real time.
4. The limit of tool storage is upward, which greatly reduces the area occupied.
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