◆Class 10000, the leading manufacturer of optical lens [line side warehouse]

A certain optical lens factory, put semi-finished products factory specifications Class 10000 [line side warehouse]

Status before import:
1. The original storage method uses traditional shelves.
2. The traditional shelf covers a large area, which leads to the low utilization rate of the plant.
3. The traditional shelf is an open space, and the materials cannot be controlled.
4. Unable to grasp the actual quantity, and the accounts do not match.
5. The appearance of semi-finished products is the same, but the types are different, and the yield is often low due to access errors.
Status after import:
1. Introduce single-seater vertical automatic storage, the appearance is very technological and beautiful.
2. After the introduction, the original used space is greatly reduced by 1/2.
3. Closed storage plus authority management equals 100% controlled materials.
4. The warehouse material information is updated in real time to reduce the inconsistency of the accounting materials.
5. Through smart/automatic storage "location indication, QR Code confirmation" and other functions, 100% reduce access errors.
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